AVC Governance Simplified


The new pension legislation introduced in 2015 brought more freedom to savers when choosing how to use their funds.

However, other pension legislation introduced over the years hasn’t always been so kind, particularly to the trustees and employers who are working hard to get the best outcomes for their employees.

One of the big challenges many schemes face today is dealing with additional voluntary contributions (AVCs). Whilst schemes were originally required to offer AVCs, the necessity was removed in 2006. And many trustees stopped offering their AVC option.

Welcome to the future.

Welcome to Punter Southall Aspire Master Trust - the efficient, effective and economic way to manage AVCs.

Our Master Trust is designed for Defined Benefit (DB) schemes with AVCs.

It has its own set of rules and trustees, including highly respected and experienced independent trustees, Capita Pension Trustees and Pitmans Trustees.

By enabling multiple employers to join under a single governance structure, we can deliver an effective, efficient and economic solution.

It ensures the members’ benefits and guarantees are maintained and protected. 

SAY HELLO For more information about our fresh approach to workplace pensions and savings, please get in touch.
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