Here in the York office we have regular team meetings and we've just spent part of our latest one reminiscing about 2012 - it was a great year, wasn’t it? 

The country was united behind a successful Olympics campaign and here in the geeky world of pensions we were celebrating the start of auto-enrolment!workplace-piggybank

In reality we didn’t have an actual auto-enrolment party, but we were pleased to see the introduction of a legislation that encouraged more people to save for retirement and that their employer would be helping them to do this.  Instead of partying, what we were doing then was reading through the finer details of the legislation to try to understand how all of this would work in practice so that we could help employers comply. 

The first thing that caught our eye were the technical terms. ‘Certification’, ‘postponement’, ‘qualifying earnings’…the list went on and on but what we could see immediately was that the legislation was complex with many employers needing help to get this right. 

So, out we went to spread our message about auto-enrolment and its complexities. Many employers engaged with us and we helped ease them through the process.  Yet we also spoke to a number of employers who weren’t interested, said it would “never happen”1 (despite it being written in legislation) and that they would “not be paying into pensions for their employees as they leave to chase £10 in their pay packet ”1

Here we are almost seven years later and now every employer should be complying with the legislation…as, hopefully, you are! 

However, initial bullish statements aside, what we have found is that even some employers who tried to do the right thing have been caught out by the complex rules. Some have made genuine mistakes whereas others have deliberately flouted the rules.  The Pensions Regulator is policing this legislation and here is their latest enforcement bulletin to prove it.

workplace-magnifyThe reason we started reminiscing about 2012 is because we are receiving an increasing number of appointments for our auto-enrolment health check service.  The types of employer we are helping vary: from those who diligently feel that they got it right but want to check that they are still doing so, to those who have had changes in payroll personnel or software and are not convinced everything is correct, to those getting ready for sale or who have just purchased another business.   

A lot can change in a relatively short period of time (think back to Super Saturday in 2012) …so give us a call or drop us a line here in York if you want to find out more about our service. 

Talk to the York team for further details:

Telephone 01904 236400

1 Approximate representation of quote.  In some instances, language was a little stronger! 

Posted by Caroline Gaines

Topics: Retirement, dc pension schemes, York

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