I love the summer holidays.

workplace-deckchairDespite frantically trying to find (and afford) childcare for two boys with a tricky age gap and different interests, clawing any possible minute outside in the sunshine and ensuring that the four of us are packed and ready for our annual break (yes, the passports are definitely in my handbag – I have left those before now…), summer means FUN! Usual worries and cares seem to lessen in the sunshine, when trips to the seaside, parks and BBQs with friends come in to their own.

Our annual holiday for the last four years (we were never going to be the type that returned to the same place each year, but there you are) has been a mobile home on a theme park and water park in The Netherlands. We all love it. The adrenaline junkie boys adore all the rollercoasters and rides in the theme park and water park, my husband enjoys the family trips to the gorgeous local beach and I love the proximity to Amsterdam and The Hague for days out exploring and seeing a new perspective.

What does our annual holiday have to do with pensions, you may be thinking?

If you’re an HR or Finance professional with pensions responsibility and looking at this from the point of view of your employees, quite a bit actually:

  1. Your pension scheme’s default investment strategy is not going to be suitable for everyone as people have different expectations and circumstances, like my kids’ workplace-piggybankchildcare arrangements!

  2. For members, not taking an active interest in their investment funds is like a rollercoaster: not knowing if a big drop is coming to brace themselves to ride it out or enjoying the adrenaline rush of beating the market returns.

  3. Being too relaxed and complacent about their pension provision may lead to a shock when it comes to retirement, just like my husband on the beach when the boys decided to pour sea water over his basking form…

  4. Just like our forays into other cultures, exploring the wealth of information available around financial wellbeing may bring a new perspective to people’s financial arrangements.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but the end of the summer holidays heralds a feeling of both relief (my boys go back to school and routine returns) and sadness (gone is our fun, family all together, time).

It’s definitely back down to earth with a bump!

But don’t let your members end up feeling that way about their pension provision - take action now!

Punter Southall Aspire can help with all these matters, from investment, to communications, to when members come to taking their retirement benefits. If any of them strike a chord with you, please just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Posted by Jo Ashburner

Topics: Pensions, Friday Fun, financial wellbeing

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