What does the Edinburgh Fringe have in common with employee communications...?

Edinburgh in August is a sight to behold – outlandish comedy, thrilling drama, epic theatre… and that’s just the tourists.

For those performing, the Edinburgh Festival is either an opportunity to attain fame and fortune, or perhaps more modestly, make a little money to ensure their travelling adventure continues.

In either case, the key to success is pulling in the punters!

With over 50,000 performances taking place in more than 300 different venues, there is a lot of competition for attention. Picking where to go and who to see is the hardest part of the whole process! Personally, I have a mixed history of success. I once managed to bag the most sought-after tickets through pure guesswork, yet on another occasion made up 50% of the audience – the friend accompanying me made up the other 50%... we left before it started.

As we made that swift exit, Lin-Manuel Miranda, now the superstar actor, composer and playwright of the record-breaking worldwide success Hamilton (or Mary Poppins Returns if that’s more your thing), was also in Edinburgh – seemingly spending his time busking and begging people to take tickets for his show. Now, so scarce are his tickets, they run a lottery!

The lesson I learned the hard way – the good stuff is there, you just need to find it!

In recent years, I have tried to make more active choices around my festival viewing. Maybe it’s a sign I am maturing (fine, I’m getting older!). Now, I read reviews at length, ask for recommendations – turns out my dad doesn’t have “old man taste” after all – and generally avoid guesswork and look to make an informed choice.workplace-bullseye

Thankfully, choosing the right show is not a life altering decision…unless you can get those Hamilton tickets (…or so I’m told).

So what's this got to do with employee communications?

Well, when it comes to making good financial decisions, having access to good information and being able to make an informed choice is vital.

As an employer, your employees will often look to you for this good information, and a financial well-being strategy will ensure that it’s provided. But, if you have a strategy, are you making it easy to find? Is the information being delivered in the right way? Or is it like the Festival, with so much information and so many options, that it gets lost in the noise and leaves your most valuable asset relying on guesswork to make key life decisions?workplace-thumbsup

The way you communicate with your employees is as important as what you communicate – get it right, and you’ll get rave reviews!

Win your employees attention by communicating in their preferred format, hold their attention by delivering the right information at the right time – you’ll have a positive impact on their financial wellbeing, while supporting employee engagement and retention… there won’t be a spare seat in the house!

Posted by Andy Roddie

Topics: Employee Communication, Employee Engagement

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