Can I still qualify for the UK State Pension if I am an EU citizen?
Could I continue to receive my UK State Pension while living in the EU?

The 2 most common pension queries we are receiving at the moment are unsurprisingly Brexit related

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot.
We see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

On the 5th November people up and down the country commemorate York's very own anarchist Guy Fawkes, or at least his plot to bring down the Government of the time in 1605.

Now fast forward 414 years and thankfully people now only take to the streets to protest against the Parliamentary shambles we currently find ourselves in!

Two of the most common questions I am receiving at the moment are unsurprisingly Brexit related:

Can I still qualify for the UK State Pension if I am an EU citizen?

Yes, under current rules, citizenship has no bearing on entitlement to the UK State Pension. Whilst living in the UK, the State Pension entitlement accrued will remain identical to that of a UK citizen living in the UK of the same age, sex and with the same National Insurance Contribution record.

Could I continue to receive my UK State Pension while living in the EU?

Yes, under current rules the UK leaving the EU will not affect entitlement to receiving payments from the UK State Pension.

But always beware of scams - scammers are expert at exploiting uncertainty and turning it into an opportunity to take pension funds. Remember cold calling on pensions has been banned in the UK.

For more information check with the Money Advice Service.

Offering your employees pension 1:1 meetings or presentations can help them understand questions like these that may be currently troubling them, and of course we'd love to help.

I for one will be enjoying an ale or two in the house where our infamous protagonist was allegedly born, The Guy Fawkes Inn (what are the odds of being born somewhere with the same name as you 😉?) in our historic city of York on Bonfire Night. I hope you have a great night too.

Posted by Leon Farrar

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