Recently, I’ve been telling you about two ways in which we can help you if you are a housing association affected by the Social Housing Pension Association (SHPS) deficit rise.

You might appreciate some help designing and delivering an effective comms campaign around SHPS for your staff.

And if you are considering moving to a new scheme, you might need help investigating the options, so that you can choose one that is exactly right for your organisation and for your workforce.

After reading my blogs, you might see the value of both these services, and understand how they might help others.

But you might still be wondering: “I’m not sure whether they will help us.”

Here’s my brutally honest answer.

When it comes to internal comms around SHPS, and consulting your staff around changes, you don’t need our help if:

Aspire_Numbers_2018_OneYou are used to developing sophisticated comms campaigns around very sensitive issues.

Discussing potential contribution increases with your staff is going to be difficult – potentially explosive, even.

They may be worried about the future of their pensions, they may become anxious about the impact on their finances, and they may be looking for someone to blame (they might even take their anger out on you).

Communicating around SHPS is not a matter of producing a reassuring letter or two. You should consider your messages very carefully, communicate in person as well as in writing, handle people’s emotions and be able to answer all their questions.

This will take a lot of strategic planning. If you have experience developing multi-faceted comms campaigns around sensitive issues, then you can do this alone.

Aspire_Numbers_2018_TwoYou have the time and resources to develop and execute this lengthy campaign.

Handling the internal comms around SHPS is going to take a lot of work.

There is an urgent deadline in April which is now looming quite close. And again, this isn’t a question of just sending out a letter or two. It will take significant time and manpower to put this campaign together.

If you and your team have the capacity to handle this campaign, then you may be able to do it alone.

If, on the other hand…

>> Comms is not your main expertise, you’ve never run a lengthy campaign around such a delicate issue, and you want to make sure that it is handled correctly….

>> You have a busy day-job, and are not sure how to fit a complex comms campaign into your normal schedule in the first quarter of 2019…..


>> You haven’t started planning your SHPS campaign, or communicating with your staff about it, despite the April deadline…..
….Then you should seriously consider getting our help delivering your SHPS comms.

We specialise in campaigns exactly like this, and know the sector inside out, having helped more than 20 housing associations with their pensions.

Get in touch with me today to find out how we can take this task off your hands.

We aim to ensure that your staff are consulted properly and feel reassured – instead of concerned, anxious and even angry…

…Which is what they might already be feeling now…. And will most likely be feeling a few months down the road, if your comms are not carefully handled!

And what about if you are thinking about the long-term future of your pension scheme….
…and are considering alternatives to the SHPS Defined Benefit scheme?

We can review the options for you, providing an independent view on the right scheme to meet the needs of your organisation and your workforce.

This is not for you if:

YAspire_Numbers_2018_Oneou are looking for a quick solution – not the best one.

There are many schemes you could potentially join, but not all will be right for you or for your staff.

If you are not too fussed, and simply want an easy alternative (like the SHPS DC scheme)….

….or if you feel that you would prefer to switch schemes quickly, rather than taking your time to pick the right one….

Then you don’t need our help.

Aspire_Numbers_2018_TwoYou have the time to invest in finding the right scheme yourself.

Working out what you really need from your next pension scheme….

Investigating which schemes meet your criteria….

And figuring out what the best course of action is going forward (for example, how should you deal with the legacy of the DB shortfall?)…

This is going to take up time. A lot of time.

clock-63If your team has the capacity to conduct this search process internally, whilst handling your day-jobs at the same time, then you don’t need our help.

If, on the other hand…

>> You see this as a valuable opportunity to find the exact right pension scheme for your organisation – one which delivers the best outcomes for your staff and makes financial sense to you – and do not want to cut any corners….

>> You are tired of being in a scheme which does not meet your needs any more, and do not want to repeat that mistake….

>> You recognise that you need an independent view on the right pension provision for your company…

>> You want to conduct a proper search, but do not have the time or capacity to handle the process internally….

…Then speak to us today.

We will work with you to establish the key requirements of a pension scheme that works for your company, and then look at all the options on your behalf, to find the right solution.

We will also consider how best to deal with the legacy of your DB deficit.
And once we have agreed on the right provision for the future, we can help you communicate the changes to your employees, so they are supported through the process.

These services are not for everyone. But if you like the sound of what you’ve read, get in touch with me today, to find out more. We’ll have an informal chat – you have nothing to lose.

Yes! I want to talk to you about getting help with our SHPS comms

Posted by Jon Webster

Topics: Legislation, Pensions

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