If you’ve paid any attention to Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram in the last couple of years, you will have noticed a rather dramatic shift.

Way back in 2015 and 2016, the key to success on those platforms was sharing images.¹ 

Companies increasingly shifted their strategies from sharing interesting articles to sharing as many pictures as possible.² Images were the future!

Well, not so fast.

Now we’re in 2018, no one’s talking about images anymore.

The ‘hot’ strategy is video.³

Companies around the globe are busy shooting as many marketing videos as possible, because the social media platforms give them far more visibility than any other type of post.4 

It’s highly likely that your own marketing department is shifting its own attention to videos, and how it can use them to reach more consumers.lightbulb

If you’re in HR, this may seem like nothing more than a curiosity, of particular interest to the marketing department next door.

But in reality, it’s a trend you shouldn’t ignore.

Over the past couple of years, the way your employees have become used to consuming information has changed. That means that if you’re trying to educate them about pensions, the way you communicate with them has to change as well.

It’s time to start delivering internal pensions comms over video.

Are you reaching staff on the channels they prefer?

It’s one of the most common challenges in HR: How do you press home the message that saving into a pension is a no-brainer?

You might offer your employees an attractive scheme and access to great advice as they approach retirement, but still find it difficult to get employees engaged in their pensions.  

Retirement can be a low priority for your staff until they are well into their 50s.

Much of the discussion about how to engage employees in pensions revolves around the types of messages that work best.


But even the most effective message in the world could go unnoticed if it’s being delivered through the wrong platform.

A decade ago, posters, brochures and other types of printed material were the obvious way to reach your staff and grab their attention.

But in the digital era, that can seem painfully low-tech and boring to many staff, who are used to communicating online or via their mobiles.

If we want to engage people around pensions, we need to use the channels they prefer, and which suits them.

You can still write to them, hold workshops and seminars and give them occasional presentations, but failing to harness the power of video could be a costly omission.

The rise and rise of video

It’s easy to see why video is considered a very effective way of reaching people. It is a medium that is a fixture within many people’s lives.

Consider its reach and popularity:

There are more than 1.8 billion users on YouTube each month, which is nearly as many as there are on Facebook (2 billion).5

78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos online every day.6

Twitter is no longer just a place for text messages – more than 80% of users use the service for video content.

And according to Twitter’s own stats, videos on its platform are six times as likely to be retweeted as tweets with images.8

Social-media companies encourage users to post videos, and users who upload their videos have their content shown to more people. Posts that include video reportedly generate 1,200% more shares than those with text and images combined.9


When online video first burst on to the scene a few years ago, it was as much about cats being cute, footballers scoring crazy own goals and people playing the wooden-spoon trick on their friends as anything else.

But given the stats mentioned above, it’s no surprise that marketers now consider video to be one of the most effective ways of spreading a message. The numbers suggest that 4/5 of marketers already use video – and that is set to rise.10

Pensions + Video = Good fit

This makes it a natural fit for pensions messages, too.

Driving enthusiasm for pensions is about selling – not as in the traditional sense of selling a product or a service but rather selling an idea. It’s about trying to market the idea that saving for retirement is exciting and can provide huge benefits.thumbs up-67

So, the tools that marketers use when they are trying to sell a holiday, a soap powder or car insurance can be useful for driving engagement with pensions, too.

Of course, making a message effective is about far more than deciding which channel to use to deliver it. Getting the content right is crucial, too, and we’ll look at that later in our series about pensions and video. 

But finding the right platform to get that content to the people that matter – your employees – is a crucial first step. And when you consider how many aspects of your online life already involve video, you’ll quickly realise that it should be an important part of how you communicate with your staff about their pensions, too.


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Posted by Johanna Nelson

Topics: Employee Engagement

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