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The Aspire Savings Trust is a multi-employer, occupational pension scheme. Your employer is one of many that is using the Aspire Savings Trust as its workplace pension scheme to help you save for retirement.

Changes to the Aspire Savings Trust

A letter was sent to members of the Aspire Savings Trust on 29 July 2020. The links below provide additional information to that provided in the letter.  

You can get information about the Crystal Trust (Crystal) from its website: evolvepensions.co.uk/crystal/.

Information about Crystal’s Trustee can be found in section 2 of the Chair’s Statement of Governance: evolvepensions.co.uk/crystal/member-information/.

Visit the Member Area at: evolvepensions.co.uk/crystal/member-information/ where you will find Crystal’s member guide and other useful documents.

Crystal’s investment fund factsheets for each of the building blocks that make up the Lifestyle Strategy are available here:

Details of all of the investment options available from Crystal can be found here:evolvepensions.co.uk/crystal/#investments


This page provides key pieces of information for members of the Aspire Savings Trust.

The Aspire Savings Trust has a set of rules that governs the way it is managed. You can see the rules here along with a further deed that made some changes in 2017.

Here is a guide that will take you through what you need to know about the Aspire Savings Trust and how your savings will be managed.

The benefit you get from your savings in the Aspire Savings Trust will mainly depend on the contributions invested and the future investment returns on your savings. Please refer to the Investment guide for details along with the fund factsheets for Aspire OneAspire TwoAspire ThreeAspire Annuity FocusRetirement builder and Sterling Liquidity funds.

As is usual with most financial products, a charge will be taken from your savings to cover the costs of managing and running the Aspire Savings Trust. Please refer to the Guide to costs and charges for details. An illustration of the impact that charges can have is shown here.

The Trustee sets out the principles and policies it has adopted when deciding how to manage your savings in its Statement of Investment Principles, or ‘SIP’. To view the Statement of Investment Principles in respect of the default investment arrangement please click here and to view the Statement of Investment Principles in respect of the self select investment funds please click here.

To view the Scheme’s accounts to 31 March 2019, please click here. The accounts include the Chair’s statement and Trustee’s annual report, which all members are encouraged to read.

Please complete the death benefit nomination form to tell the Trustee who you would like to benefit from your savings in the Aspire Savings Trust should you die before you get to use them. You can either print the form, complete and sign it and post it to the contact address below, or you can complete it on screen, save it and email it to Mastertrust@psaspire.com. 

Please keep your nomination up to date - you will find more information in the guide above.

Contacting Us

The Trustee welcomes questions and feedback so if you have any comments, queries or requests about the Aspire Savings Trust,  you can get in touch:

  • by email at mastertrust@psaspire.com

  • by telephone on 020 3327 5470; or

  • by post at 
    Aspire Savings Trust
    Fishponds Road
    RG41 2QE

If you have a complaint about any matter connected with the Aspire Savings Trust, either relating to your benefits or the service that you have received, we suggest in the first instance raising the matter informally by speaking to your employer (if your employer enrolled you in the Scheme) or by ringing the Scheme’s administrator on 0203 327 5470.  It is likely that the person who looks after the Scheme for your employer or the Scheme’s administrator will be able to resolve the matter very quickly. 

If you do not receive a response within four weeks of speaking to your employer or the Scheme’s administrator, or if you are not satisfied with the response, you may make use of the Scheme’s formal dispute procedure, which has been established by the Trustee of the Scheme. Details of the formal dispute procedure can be found here.

If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions about the Aspire Savings Trust that you wish to pass directly onto the Trustee, please send an email to MastertrustTrustee@PSAspire.com.

We value your privacy.  To view the Aspire Savings Trust's Privacy Policy, click here.

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