You know that moment when you begin a vital presentation...

...or send a key document to the board, or launch any pet project to which you've given your all, but you're not sure yet what the outcome might be?

It's nerve-wracking.

What if you fail? Or even if you succeed, what happens next?

I've been up against this worry for the last few days...

When I published my book Manage the Gap: Achieving Success with Intergenerational Teams, I didn't know for certain whether people would love it, hate it, or simply not even notice it exists.

Now that the book’s been available for a few days, the reviews from readers are starting to come in via Amazon...

...and I'm thrilled to say that people are finding the book highly valuable!

workplace-speech“This is an important book for today’s changing workplace and provides irrefutable evidence that harnessing age diversity is good for business performance. Steve uses his company Punter Southall Aspire as a testing ground for his ideas and offers a number of practical management tools to successfully lead an age diverse workforce."
Jeff Grout

workplace-speechManage the Gap offers fresh insight and practical guidance into the challenges of managing five generations of employees - people in their 20s to 70s. It considers the differences in working styles, expectations of the analogue workers (over 45s) and the digitals and offers advice on how to avoid conflict, improve collaboration between diverse teams and create strategies that will enable all to thrive at work. What I liked most about this book is that unlike some management books, it is clearly written, avoids jargon and it is full of honest anecdotes and examples based on the author’s experiences.”
Kathryn Griffiths

workplace-speech“This is a really useful guide to this topic. […] Easy to read and highly recommended!“
Steve Gilroy

As our population gets older, the demographic makeup of our workplaces is changing. How will that change the way you manage your people, the kind of training you give them, the benefits you offer, the hours you ask them to work – and the way they should work together?

This book has some very practical answers. manage the gap cover crop

Click here to order yourself a copy of Manage the Gap!

And after you've read it, I'd love to see *your* review alongside the others.

P.S. As this is officially "book launch month", I'll be talking about Manage the Gap a lot. If you'd prefer not to hear about it (although I can't imagine why that would be the case!) then you're welcome to opt-out of further news about the book. You'll still receive my usual emails on other topics, so you won't miss out on anything else.

Posted by Steve Butler

Topics: Age diversity, financial wellbeing

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