Recently I’ve been talking about some rather morbid subjects.

Death….. Fire…… Burglary….. And worst of all, losing your mobile phone 😊

When dealing with these horrible events, you - or, ahem, your heirs - will be grateful if you don’t have to scramble around looking for passwords, a will and financial details – and instead can find them all in one place.

Traumas are bad enough without the added stress of bureaucracy.

But let’s be honest.

Thinking about the worst-case scenario is uncomfortable. No one really wants to confront their own mortality, or that of their relatives, or imagine what will happen to their loved ones in the aftermath. It’s depressing and scary. And the prospect of a fire or burglary seems remote.

So, even if you know, logically, that writing a will, thinking about your wishes in the event that the worst happens, and organising your financial documents in one place is the right thing to do….

It’s easy to say, “mañana…”

…. And then kick the task into the long grass.

But there’s a very good reason why you – and your employees – should not do that. And it has nothing to do with what may or may not happen in 10, 20 or 50 years’ time.

It has to do with you, today, right here, right now.

No time like the present


Quite simply, when you start to get your financial documents organised, and clarify your wishes for the future, it gets you thinking about the best way to manage your money in the present.

When you start thinking about what you want to leave your children when you’re gone – you have to think about how you are going to create that wealth today.

When you start thinking about what instructions you want to leave, in case you are incapacitated or unable to take care of yourself – you have to think about what you need to do right now, to ensure that it can be paid for.

When you start collecting details of all your bank accounts, investments – and debts – in one place, it makes you think about whether these are the best ways to arrange your money.

In short, as General Eisenhower once said, “In preparing for battle, I’ve always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

As HR directors and company owners, this is a process we should want our staff to go through.


We want them to maximise their pensions. And they are much more likely to put more money towards their retirement if they think about what they want to achieve in the future and consider their entire financial picture – not just the specific numbers to do with their pension pot.

In fact, they’ll likely make better financial decisions in general.

And that should mean – in addition to an easier retirement eventually – less financial stress in the workplace, and happier, more motivated employees right now.

Everybody wins.

Your digital vault

That’s why Lexikin – the online platform I told you about, which allows you to store your will, passwords, and financial details securely – goes well beyond thinking about what happens when the end comes.

Lexikin, which Punter Southall Aspire has recently invested in, helps you make the most of your money throughout your life.

Not only does it include excellent guides on a variety of financial topics – everything from estate planning to investments – the site provides access to third-party experts that offer your employees investment guidance, so they can take the assets and money they have right now and make them grow.

So, when your employees ask a question about retirement funds and you know it isn’t just their pension they should be thinking about, you can provide them with an expert source which can look at their assets as a whole….


…When Karen from IT has a pay rise and wants to figure out the best way to use that money to secure her family’s future, she can quickly access good professional advice….

mr man-47
…And when John from your own department starts writing his will, and realises that he has big decisions to make about how to plan his estate, he can get help with that too.

If this is the kind of benefit you’d like to offer your employees, please take a look at all the features Lexikin has.

Share the link with your employees too – it’s free to sign up.

Let’s get everyone making better financial plans today – instead of delaying until “mañana…”


Posted by Steve Butler

Topics: Workplace Savings


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