Most schools nowadays incorporate Internet safety into their curriculum.

Even at primary school, most children are taught not to connect to strangers on social media and to be careful about what personal details they share online.

handshake-blue-greenIf you’re a parent, chances are that you’ve made the same points to your children.

You probably wouldn’t want to leave such an important issue solely to their schools to address.

Not only is it part of your parental responsibility, but yours is an important voice in this discussion.

Even when they’re pretending they can’t hear you - because, let’s face it, that’s what teenagers do! – deep down, your children still want to hear what you have to say about their own safety.

Sometimes, messages need to come from more than one source to be effective.

If you’re an HR or pensions professional, you may face a similar dilemma when it comes to pensions comms.

Responsibility to one’s children and to staff are very different. (And I am in no way comparing the two groups).

people2However, you know that the majority of your staff need to be engaged regularly on the subject of their pensions, if they are going to stay enrolled, increase their contributions, and get good financial outcomes from their pension pot at retirement.

Your scheme’s provider is going to communicate with your staff about pensions anyway.

They might send an annual statement, information to new joiners, or offer access to a pensions micro-site.

So, do you really need to duplicate their efforts, by creating your own pensions comms material?

…especially when you and your team are pressed for time, and have other competing priorities?

In reality, many companies do allow the pensions providers to do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to comms.


A survey we ran this summer, polling more than 2,000 UK workers, showed why leaving comms to the pensions providers is a mistake.

We asked our respondents whose comms they are most likely to engage with. And whilst the providers did come top, “My employer” came a strong second.¹

The reality is that your voice is an important part of this discussion.

Your employees are likely to trust you on this issue and want to hear from you about pensions.

Yes, they will sometimes get information from other sources. Yes, sometimes they’ll hear the same message twice.

And sometimes, creating comms will be a burden for you (but one we can help with!).

But engaging employees around pensions is so important, that you cannot afford to leave yourself out of this conversation.

As an employer, you have a unique perspective on the challenges faced by your employees. You have your own interest in helping your people save more. And they likely want to hear from you.

So, how do you make your pensions comms as effective as possible – so that they speak deeply to your employees, and actually change the way they behave around pensions and savings?

That’s what we’re going to be addressing in a series of workshops, delivered across the country in October and November.

And you’re invited!

Find out more about our Communications workshops

During these interactive sessions, which are for HR and pensions professionals, you will gain exclusive access to the results of our survey, which addresses how UK employees think and feel about money, savings, pensions – and, crucially, what they want and expect out of their pensions comms.

You will learn some simple-but-powerful techniques aimed to increase engagement with pensions.

And you’ll get a clear framework for structuring your pensions comms and come away with ideas you can apply at once about how to adapt your pensions comms going forward.

The events are completely free, but because of the format, spaces are extremely limited. So don’t wait:

Book my place right now


¹ PS Aspire report: It's time to change: A research-driven guide to optimising your pension communications (July 2018, 2,035 respondents). 

Posted by Steve Butler

Topics: Employee Communication, Employee Engagement


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