If you’re looking to recruit the best and the brightest (as most of us are….), how can your company differentiate itself?

A few years back, it was easy.

Offer a fantastic pension package, and you immediately stood out from the competition.


Everyone is automatically enrolled in a pension, by law.star

And as the minimum contribution rises again in April, even a generous pension package doesn’t stand out as much as it used to. (Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be offering one – you should!)

So if pensions no longer work as a key differentiator… What does?

The answer is that you have to think a little more broadly, not just about the pension you offer – but about your benefits package, as a whole.

What kind of health and risk products are you offering your staff, in addition to your pension?

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking.

“Just like everyone offers pensions nowadays, most good companies offer wider benefits. Health insurance, life insurance – they won’t help us stand out any more than pensions will…..”

But that’s only partially true.

You see, not all your employees want or need the same benefits.

A 22-year-old, for example, might not find life cover terribly attractive. Life cover usually just isn’t a priority if you don’t have dependents.gemma-15

So even a generous life insurance offering might not do much to entice them into your company.

A plan which gives them free physio if they injure themselves at the gym, though?

Now we’re talking!mr man-47

A 44-year-old co-habiting with a partner and two children, on the other hand, might see things differently.

The physio might not be a priority, but life cover is probably essential to them. They want to protect their loved ones if the worst happens, so emphasising that offering might prove attractive.

The trick is to provide the right mix of benefits to the right people.

When you can show potential recruits that they will receive benefits that they really want and that really excite them, rather than a list of generic benefits that don’t suit them….

….Your benefits will become a valuable recruiting tool.eye

Provide that value to your employees, and the value will flow back into the business.

If that’s something your company wants to explore, watch out for my next email.

I’m going to be sharing some big news about how we can help you get your mix of benefits just right!

Posted by Steve Butler

Topics: Pensions, Employee Benefits


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