The unusual question I ask my staff

As the CEO of my company, I take pride in caring for my people.

They’re the biggest asset my company has, so caring for them is easy. It’s also a privilege.

I’m sure you feel the same about the employees in your organisation.
speechThat’s why, at the start of every senior management meeting, each of us takes the time to answer one very important question.
The answer gives me insight into their lives, so I can see where I can support them more. It also helps them feel noticed and cared for.

It’s something you could incorporate into your meetings, too.

One question

When the meeting starts, the question we each answer is:

What’s the biggest struggle in your work and personal life right now?

One struggle comes up again and again.

people2More than half of my senior team have an elderly parent they care for. The parent might be going into a care home, suffering from ill health or just need general support.

Seeing elderly parents deteriorate carries an emotional toll which cannot be left at the door when a staff member gets to work. And then there are the practical considerations – how do you find enough time to work when you are not only trying to take care of your own partner and children, but of aging parents too?

When a parent or grandparent passes on, the impact on the workplace is even more pronounced.

searchNot only do you have an employee who is bereaved, they often have the additional stress of dealing with wills, or worse ---- trying to trace financial documents, access accounts with no record of a password, and trying to figure out what their relative would have wanted, when there is simply no indication. It is not only emotionally exhausting but an enormous drain on time.

Finding the solution

Last week, I started telling you about Lexikin. This is a service that the Punter Southall Group has recently invested in.

Lexikin is a digital vault where you store important records in one place – for example, important financial details, login details to digital accounts, links to digital photographs, a will, your wishes, and even messages for your loved ones.

This means that when a loved one passes, there’s no scrambling around looking for documents or belongings – everything is accessible in one place. You simply enter the vault, get what you need, and can then get on with the grieving process.

It’s a wonderful service to consider for yourself – and setting up an account is free (although there is a cost for your Executor to gain access).

But it’s also something you should consider offering to your employees.

They can use it to help elderly relatives get organised now, saving themselves time and heartache when the worst happens – and cutting down on their stress and distraction in the workplace.

The impact of stress

Often, our employees don’t reveal what’s causing them stress in their personal lives unless they’re explicitly asked. The office isn’t typically where we discuss personal matters.

eyeBut it can have an enormous knock-on effect on the focus, mental health and happiness of your staff – and therefore on your business.

That’s why my team meetings start with acknowledging my team’s personal struggles, and finding ways to help them through any issues they are dealing with.

By proactively supporting your employees in their professional and personal life, you easily become an organisation they remain loyal to.

If you’re ready to explore more, take a look at the full range of services Lexikin has to offer and share it with your employees. And then drop me a line, so we can discuss how you can offer this valuable service to them easily.

If and when the worst happens, they’ll thank you for being the kind of employer that helped them get organised beforehand, making at least one part of bereavement easier to manage.

Posted by Steve Butler

Topics: Workplace Savings


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