Employee Engagement

Are You Getting the Benefit of Your Employee Benefits?

Pensions? How exciting!

Said no one. Ever. But why?

Studies have shown that pensions simply don’t engage people in the way we feel they should. We think the way they’re communicated is part of the problem, and we’re here to solve it.

is the average annual income 
Britons want for their retirement
source: Scottish Widows 2015

Effective benefit, ineffective communications

What’s surprising is how little engagement and interest employees have in their pension scheme. It means that the costly benefit your business is offering may not be pulling its weight. We believe it’s down to scheme providers not always supporting employers effectively throughout the communication process.

HR's Role in Improving Pension Engagement
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Employee communications ideas that inspire

Whether you’re launching a new scheme or looking to review an existing one, we can help. We start by discovering more about your organisation, your overall objectives, your team and your company culture. We then develop insights and employee communications ideas to ensure workplace pensions become a valuable part of your organisation.

of UK adults are unaware of how
much the state pension will pay in their retirement

source: Aegon 2016


We have enlisted the help of our specialist communications team, FutureKings, in improving member communications through effective brand strategy, people engagement and customer experience., do you want to create compelling communications for your organisation? Do you want to increase employee engagement? Do you want to rule? If your answer is yes, then read on to find out more.


Goodbye, chaos.

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The basics

What are workplace pensions for?

We believe workplace pensions should be rewarding.

They should be a key part of your employee proposition. Something your people value and appreciate.

Something that helps you compete effectively with rivals for the best candidates.

Something that rewards and retains existing staff.

And something that supports and cares for ex-employees when they stop working.

The Next Level

Excited about workplace pensions

Pensions are about the future, so we think they should be exciting and optimistic.

Pensions can help plan for a life after work, so we think they should be inspiring too.

Pensions can make a stronger organisation by bringing people together, so they should be talked about.

That’s where we come in.

Top 5 priorities

if consumers had more money to spend


Seeing the world, or visiting family and friends? Having more cash makes it possible.


A bit of cash for a rainy day makes people feel more secure.


It may seem a long way away, but saving for it is important.


Whether you DIY or get someone in, there's always something to do around the place.

Putting money aside

Investments can be a good way to watch your money grow.


Member Communications That Inspire

Find out how we can help you

Effective Communications

Whether you're launching a new scheme or looking to review an existing one, we can help make your communications effective.

How It Works

We start by discovering more about your organisation. 
We understand your objectives, your team and your culture.


Pensions are about the future, so the solution must protect the needs of members both today and tomorrow.

Managed Risks

Opportunities and risks need to be managed with expertise, skill and the highest standards of governance.



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