Introducing our new brand

We’re proud to announce that we’re updating the Punter Southall brand. This article explains what’s changing and why, and how it will help to reinforce our services to clients.

A strong history of growth

Since Stuart and Jonathan formed Punter Southall as actuarial consultants in 1988, the business has grown and adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of our clients. This ability to predict the market and adapt our services has been key to our continued growth and success over the last 30 years.  It’s also why we have been able to build such long lasting relationships with many of our clients.

Our business has changed and developed year on year. However, our Group branding has remained largely the same. So, to coincide with our 30 year anniversary, we felt it was time to look at how we present ourselves.

Preparing for the next 30 years

Earlier last year, we began working with Future Kings, a branding and communications consultancy, to develop and deliver a new strategic vision. We wanted to present our services in a more unified way through a strong overarching brand, whilst retaining enough flexibility to clearly show that our businesses offer a range of different specialisms. Most importantly, we wanted our brand to reflect the astute and innovative way we operate, and to clearly communicate how we are able to flex to meet the differing goals of our clients.

Our new, overarching brand unites all of the core Punter Southall businesses. Each now has an individual look and feel that sits within a unifying system. However, each company is still able to retain its own unique character and articulate both what it offers to clients and brings to the wider Group.

Not only does our new brand reflect what we have achieved over the last 30 years, it showcases a new and modern identity that enables us to proudly stand out from our competitors. The landscape of financial services is constantly changing, and we have thrived by adapting to deliver effective results for our clients, helping them to explore their options, discover opportunities and find the right way forward.

Brilliant business as usual

Although we are externally changing our look, our clients can still expect the same high standards of service they’ve always experienced from any business within Punter Southall.

Over the years we’ve invested in the growth of our businesses, our services and our people, enabling them to change in the way that supports the goals of our clients. Our new look highlights those valuable strengths and that unique flexibility.

As always, we’ll continue to seek out new opportunities to add value. These are exciting times for us as a Group and we look forward to working alongside our clients, both old and new, to continue their and our success.

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If you have any questions about our new brand or other aspects of Punter Southall, please get in touch or click here to visit the Punter Southall Group website.

Posted by Steve Butler

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