Financial wellbeing

Helping your employees understand their money

Every day we take decisions on finances, whether big or small.

Do you buy a coffee on the way to work? Sure, why not. Thinking of buying that new car?  Well, that might need more thought. But how do we know how our financial choices affect our lives both now and in the future? 

Your employees are facing exactly these kinds of decisions, and have the same questions about their finances and workplace pensions.

Our financial wellbeing service is here to help you explain and educate, giving employees the tools they need to make better financial choices at all stages of their working lives and through to retirement too.


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The basics

Your employees' budgets are tight, and saving for the future may not be their priority.

But how do they know they'll have enough in retirement, or even be able to retire?  That could affect your succession planning too.

Without expert knowledge it can seem daunting to try and work out their pension needs, let alone how they're going to get there.


Living and learning

To make the right choices, employees need more knowledge and an increased understanding of how they want to live in retirement.

Our employee education service can help you help your employees to plan better for the future - and allow you to plan better for the future of your company as well.

If consumers had more money to spend (source: NEST 2015)


Saving for a rainy day

Saving for retirement

Home improvements

Putting money aside to watch it grow


Financial education

Financial awareness sessions

We can offer a range of financial awareness sessions, which we deliver in an engaging and accessible way. Our sessions can of course cover your existing pension scheme but can also be expanded to include:

  • Taking a loan off your mind, and credit where it's due:
    Loans and debt management
  • Knowing your assets from your elbow: A how-it-works guide to investment
  • Planning your escape: for over-50s looking to plan their route out of work and into retirement
As well as these topics, we can also cover specialist areas such as:
  • Tax codes and tax returns;
  • The impact of the tapered annual allowance
  • The benefits of salary sacrifice


We can also create presentations to meet specific requirements or in reaction to changes in legislation.  Any of these can be co-branded so that they are clearly linked to the employer's brand.

Other methods

And we don't just do presentations!

We can deliver financial education in a number of different ways.

One way is through animated videos and we have found that these provide a good starting point to engage employees in financial awareness programmes. 


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