A big announcement... I’ve finally written my book!

Over the past 20 years, plenty has been written about how businesses can adjust to an ageing population. 

The problem?

Almost all of it comes from academics and is oriented towards other academics.

It’s just not very accessible to regular business owners and HR directors, who are looking for much more practical advice on how to build inter-generational teams successfully.

I believe that’s why the problem of ageism in the workplace is still so entrenched….

…even though most employers have only the very best of intentions.

So, earlier this year, I decided to do something about it.

It’s been a top-secret project for the last few months….

I decided to write the book I’d want to read on this subject – a from-the-trenches guide for forward-looking businesses, who are employing (or want to employ) people from their 20s right through to their late 60s or even 70s…

…and could use some actionable advice on how to get everyone from these very different generations working well together, and to harness everyone’s talents.

And now, I’m excited to announce….

It’s nearly here!

The book is called “Manage The Gap: Achieving Success With Intergenerational Teams”.Manage the Gap Cover 3D

Here’s a sneak preview of the cover...

…And here’s a tiny sample of what you’ll learn:

The most important tweak to make to your recruitment process, so you hire the very best people for the job – regardless of age

Essential strategies to adjust your management style for all generations

The surprising practice we’ve implemented at the start of all team meetings that helps different generations relate better to each other – it couldn’t be easier to do!

6 ways to make remote working more effective for your younger staff (#6 is crucial but most companies never consider this)

7 ways to help people from different generations work better together and even become a force for innovation

The ONE practice you must implement to help your employees retain relevant skills when they work for 40, 50, even 60 years…

…and much, much more.

So how do you get your hands on the book?

Well, the bad news is that it’s not quite out yet - it’s currently in the final stages of production.

But the good news?

We are going to be giving away a massive 100 FREE copies of the book to you, the readers of my blog!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is fill in the form to the right, to join our VIP Book List.

A little closer to the time we’ll tell you exactly what to do to become eligible for your free copy.

We’re also going to be running some free workshops, specifically for CEOs, business owners and HR directors, sharing practical ways to build successful inter-generational teams.

When we’ve done these in the past they have filled up extremely quickly, but if you’re on the VIP Book List, you’ll get advance notice and a chance to book before anyone else!

So don’t wait… add your name to the VIP Book List now! 

Posted by: Steve Butler

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Manage the Gap

Manage the Gap Cover 3D

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