The Money Charity, the UK's financial capability charity, have released new videos to continue their work educating young people.

Ensuring young people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the most of their money is more important now than ever. Due to Covid-19, The Money Charity are unable to get into the classroom to do this vital work, so have developed online video workshops.

The videos are free to watch and share. All they ask is that you, your young people and their parents help make sure they are the best they can be by completing a quick online survey after watching the workshop.

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Please also consider donating to The Money Charity and help them to deliver vital financial education for free, so they can continue setting young people up with money skills for life.

With your support they can develop more video workshops, so young people don't have to miss out - and enable them to get back into the classroom as soon as possible.

Punter Southall Aspire's support of the initiative continues our ongoing commitment to championing financial education and wellbeing. 

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Help The Money Charity continue educating young people about money for free so they are set up for life with a vital life skill.


Savvy consumer

This workshop is all about the practicalities of being a good shopper and consumer. It's designed to help you improve your awareness of pricing and bargain spotting.

It's designed for Key Stage 3 students aged 11-14, but others can watch it too.



This is a video workshop about some of the things you will need to know about managing your money after leaving school or college.

It's designed for 16-19 year olds, but it's useful for anyone else too.