Next generation thinking

Status no: why saving can't stay the same

Picture pensions and you think distant, grey and some day.

It doesn't have to be this way.

How we save is transforming, thanks to technology and upheaval in how we work.

These forces are creating new opportunities to secure your future. They also offer companies more choice to help their people plan with confidence for what seems a long way off.

The Punter Southall Aspire perspective? We take the extra step to find what fits you.

Since 2012, millions more people have been auto-enrolled into workplace pensions to put aside a bit extra.

But buying a house, a car or affording a holiday are likely to be higher up any financial checklist today than saving for tomorrow. Add to this the industry’s confusing jargon and murky costs and it’s no wonder so many people have switched off.

That's why the status quo has to be status no.


Actually, employers helping their people save into a company pension is still hard to beat as a tool to attract and nurture talent - and to save for life beyond the office.

But it’s a critical message that can be lost unless it’s made clear what a great benefit it can be.


Membership of open Defined Benefit schemes increased between 2017 and 2018 while that for open Defined Contribution schemes has increased each year since 2011


Source: ONS (Active membership of private sector occupational pension scheme by status and benefit structure, UK, 2008 to 2018)


By blending our experience with the latest technology, we create convincing, creative communication to help you grasp how the later years could look for you or your employees.

We’re also one of the few in these changing times to do it the old-fashioned way, offering tailored over-the-phone advice to businesses large and small and savers, too.

Next Generation Thinking challenges how things have always been done and chimes with the way you want it done now. We all want to be ready for what comes next.

Next Generation Thinking

workplace-quotemarks-topIt’s easy to switch off when it comes to financial decisions. We’re switching people back on by inspiring change.

With more choices than ever, making the right decisions is vital.

So we’re making things simple and providing expert support to help businesses and people think today about improving their tomorrow.

We look different. We feel different. And we are different.

With a personal, human touch and secure, efficient technology we’re making it simple to connect with your financial life in ways that are straightforward, individual and effective. workplace-quotemarks-bottom

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