Our 5-Step Behavioural Change Model

Want to spread the word about pensions to your employees, but concerned that your efforts will be wasted? If this sounds like you, read on to see how PS Aspire can help...

Almost half of UK employees worry about having enough money in retirement, and the majority believe that pensions information should come from their employer*. But how should this information be provided? And what can you do as an employer to help ease employees’ anxiety about their future?

Well, we’ve developed a ready to go pensions communications package to help your employees engage with their pension, understand and act!

Our powerful strategy is based on a 5-step behavioural change model, with videos and other resources provided along the way - find out more below...



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Step 1: Pre-Contemplation

This step is all about planting the pensions seed...



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Step 2: Contemplation

This stage is about building momentum, and hooking in those whose attention we didn’t capture first time round.

Keep employees focused on their retirement savings by providing some further information in the form of an animated learning module.  

It’s under 5 minutes and covers all the basics they need to know. Here's a snippet:




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Step 3: Preparation

In a recent pensions survey*, a quarter of UK employees said that face to face communication is the most effective way to connect with them.

It should also prompt employees to act on their knowledge – almost a 5th of employees made an active decision in relation to their contributions following a recent client presentation we gave.slide example

The presentation will be delivered by an experienced PS Aspire Pensions Consultant, and a copy will be made available afterwards for those who cannot attend on the day.

*PS Aspire report: Pension communication strategies for an evolving workforce (July 2018, 2035 respondents). 


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Step 4: Action

Now that your employees have attended the presentation, they may be wondering what to do next in terms of pensions planning.

We’ll send them this handy checklist to help them with everything from tracing lost pensions, to calculating their monthly outgoings and checking their State Pension age.


We also give the opportunity for employees to provide feedback on the presentation, and a link for those who missed it.


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Step 5: Maintenance

Your employees should now be equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to plan for their retirement. It’s important that they keep on top of their ‘pensions admin’, as they do with their other finances.

Evenings after work are the most popular time to do financial housekeeping, so it’s a good idea to send staff the retirement checklist again, so they can access it at a time which suits them.

Here’s a snippet of a comms piece we have produced for people in the “Maintenance” stage. 

It comes from a magazine we produce, to get people to think more deeply about their finances, their retirements and pensions:


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