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Pension scheme management for employers

Changes in pensions have brought about an unintended shift in risk and responsibility from the employer to the employee. 

And with more choice on offer thanks to 'pensions freedoms', there is a dizzyingly vast number of ways people can use their hard-earned savings to help meet the cost of their changing lifestyles.

Employers need a solution so they know they are helping their people save for retirement, whilst also ensuring that the right support is there at the right time. What's more, all of this needs to be delivered efficiently, and in a way that supports their wider communication strategy.

Our solution?

We have created the Aspire Savings Trust to help employers mitigate costs, meet their often onerous governance burdens and engage with employees.

AVC Governance Simplified

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The efficient and economic way- for Trustees to manage AVC schemes


Employer Pension Liabilities

Rising employer pension liabilities and the advent of automatic enrolment have driven a change in the way employers help their employees save for retirement.  That has meant a move away from Defined Benefits (DB) to Defined Contribution (DC) pensions in recent years.

However, this isn't a simple shift from A to B.

There are many types of DC pension schemes.  As an employer, how do you know which one to choose?

Many employers have preferred to set up and run their own DC pension schemes ('occupational DC')  because others such as group personal pensions were sometimes seen as expensive and often poorly run.  As a result they accepted the trustee obligations that came with these occupational DC schemes.

Fast forward to today, however, and increasing regulation as well as rising business costs mean it's time to look for fresh ideas.


Automatic enrolment

Automatic enrolment offers more people the chance to improve their financial future.  They want to know that their savings are working for them.

Employers want to know that their efforts to improve their employees' financial future will be rewarded.

As an employer, how do you navigate your way through a potential minefield of governance responsibilities and help your people save for the future?

The answer is the Aspire Savings Trust - a master trust fund offering a way of saving for the future using professional risk management and innovative solutions and communicating in a forward-looking 21st century way.

5 benefits

 of moving to the Aspire Savings Trust


Professional trustee directors look after savers and their savings, mitigating the burden on you.


Connecting savers with their pension savings helps lead them to better outcomes in retirement.

Lower Cost

An open and transparent solution at a low cost.


Innovative savings pathways providing solutions designed with today's pensions savers in mind.


Members have full access to the revolutionary myAspire portal.


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