Punter Southall Aspire Group

Meet the Executive Team

Steve Butler

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is the Chief Executive and disruptive force within Punter Southall Aspire, driving the Next Generation vision across the business to create innovative technology-led solutions.

He is passionate about integrating simplicity, flexibility and innovation into well designed investment and savings solutions that clients understand, value and engage with.  

You can read Steve's weekly blog here.

John Buttress

Managing Director, Sales and Marketing

John oversees sales and marketing for Punter Southall Aspire. His career in financial services stretches over two decades, across both UK and international financial markets.

An innovative and forward thinker, John brings a wealth of knowledge to the business, and whenever possible, he tries to put a smile on someone’s face.

Keith Carlson

Chief Operations Officer

Keith has more than 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry, with a focus on customer service and operations.

He joined the Punter Southall Group in 2003 and has been part of the DC Pensions practice for eight years, becoming Chief Operating Officer for PS Aspire from its launch in 2016.   

Martin Hughes

Chief Technology Officer

Martin is PS Aspire’s Chief Technology Officer. A self-taught programmer from the age of 12, Martin has always had a fascination with how harnessing computers' power can solve complex problems and bring great efficiencies.

In 2008, he joined CAMRADATA and now leads PS Aspire's technology division, working on a range of innovative, next generation solutions for the workplace savings arena.

Alan Morahan

Managing Director, Employee Benefits


Alan is Managing Director of Employee Benefits at PS Aspire. He recognises that the world of benefits in the workplace is often shrouded in jargon and is passionate about taking the complicated and turning it into something understandable.

As a recognised expert in his field, Alan's opinion is highly valued by leading industry publications. As well as managing the Employee Benefits business he is still a relationship person at heart. 

Gareth Sawyer

Managing Director, Workplace Solutions

Gareth oversees a newly formed division within PS Aspire focusing on the design, build and delivery of innovative and technology-driven products and propositions for the workplace solutions market.

He is a strategist and business developer with over 37 years' in-depth knowledge and experience in senior roles and is renowned for his passionate, considered and pragmatic approach. 

Peter Selby

Managing Director, Retail Advice

Peter oversees the national retail advice proposition for PS Aspire, from simple guidance and education through to a complete holistic financial planning and advice service.

He is a people person at heart and is known as a voice of reason; he is passionate about everyone in Britain having some form of access to knowledge and help with their financial wellbeing and prosperity.

Peter has worked in Financial Services for 30 years, 25 of which were spent at Scottish Widows.

Sean Thompson

Managing Director, CAMRADATA

With over 25 years’ experience in London’s financial services, including investment consultancy, asset management and insurance, Sean brings wide industry knowledge to CAMRADATA. 

Previously Managing Director at Meridian Performance Services, he has also worked for companies such as AllianceBernstein and City Capital Counselling UK.



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