Saving for Retirement

We educate, guide and advise

With greater choice and freedom in how and when individuals are able to access their pension pots, there is now a greater need for early education and advanced planning.

This is where we come in. Our service is different to many because we educate, guide and advise individuals throughout their entire retirement journey.


Tailored Communications

All members receive generic communications.

However, upon reaching 10 years before their selected retirement date, members also receive our more tailored communications programme. Emails contain articles specific to the term remaining until retirement.

We are able to offer scheme-specific communications incorporating firms' corporate branding and messaging.

workplace-speech"We provide dedicated e-newsletters to our clients and prospects to update on all key developments and legislation"

Continued Growth

We offer support throughout retired years with continued access to our innovative online portal Aspire to Retire and our dedicated telephone consultants.

Retirement options guides

Available in VisionHub
from PS Aspire

A free and exclusively members-only premium content resource.

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The Basics

By engaging much earlier we can help members plan effectively, enabling them to make fully informed decisions at the point of taking benefits.  We offer a variety of communication tools including:

  • Retirement workshops
  • Webinars
  • E-learning programmes
  • Content for intranet / internal publications
  • Access to Aspire to Retire
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The Next Level

Aspire to Retire provides comprehensive information covering all lifestyle and financial aspects of retirement.

It provides interactive tools including an annuity calculator and an income vs. expenditure analyser which also has the option of changing a member's intended retirement date to see how this may affect retirement income.

Members are able to enter their personal details into a ‘Retirement Planner’, providing a unique insight into their aspirations for retirement and how to make those dreams a reality.

Helping your members

plan for their retirement


Education and guidance to help members understand what they need to do

Interactive tools and calculators

Enabling members to plan for their retirement

Tailored communications

Aimed at guiding members through the final decade of their working lives

Point of taking benefits

Qualified specialists provide guidance or advice on all potential income solutions

Additional services

Member advice on replacing other employee benefits such as life assurance or private healthcare, plus scheme governance for employers and trustees


Aspire retirement services

Tailored Communications

On reaching 10 years before a member’s default or intended retirement date they start to receive a more tailored communication programme. Emails are sent periodically, and more frequently as they approach their final year before taking benefits.

Emails contain articles specific to the term remaining from their intended retirement date. We are also able to offer scheme-specific communications incorporating firms' corporate branding and messaging.

Point of Retirement

Your members may well be thinking about how best to convert their pension savings into cash and/or retirement income.  We can help by:

  • discussing the various retirement options available to the member including taking a tax-free lump sum, withdrawal of funds, a guaranteed income for life, drawdown or a blend of solutions

  • providing pension freedom illustrations and supporting information so that your members can easily compare their options

  • discussing the most tax efficient way for members to take their retirement benefits and when these should commence

How we help

We offer both a guidance (where you make your own choices) or a full advice service. 

Once we have discussed the information above, the member can decide which service would be most appropriate for their particular needs and requirements.

Continued Growth

We can continue to offer support, if required, throughout a member’s retirement with on-going access to Aspire to Retire and Aspire Retirement Services.


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