Trustee governance: what you need to know

As an occupational pension scheme trustee or sponsoring employer, you have a lot to deal with.

How do you know you're getting it right?

Read on to find out what's involved, and how we can help. 



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Are you prepared?

As a trustee, if you aren't dealing with your statutory governance requirements and The Pensions Regulator investigates, it could mean both a fine and damage to your sponsoring company's reputation.

Do you want to run that risk?

We can help you meet your requirements, so you can ensure your risk is minimised.


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Time is a finite resource

Running a pension scheme well is time-consuming.

Each year it takes many hours of meeting time, and adviser time, to arrive at a well-run pension arrangement.

Can we help you deliver this?

Or can we help you rethink your pension framework to make it more manageable?


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Are they getting good value?

Running an own employer trust takes time.

Time that costs money.

And there's a lot to do before you can add value.

If you're looking to use your pension scheme as a recruitment and retention tool, you need to prove its value to members.

Can we help make the pension arrangements fit with your goal as an employer?


Trustee governance

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